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Title: Analysis and control of UPFC for voltage compensation using ATP/EMTP
Authors: Panumat Sanpoung
Paisan Boonchiam
Boonyang Plangklang
Keywords: Unified power flow compensator
electric power systems
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi. Faculty of engineering
Abstract: This paper presents the analysis and control of a unified power flow compensator (UPFC) for voltage compensation using the Alternative Transients Program/Electromagnetic Transients Program (ATPIEMTP) software. One of the common power quality problems experienced in power systems is the voltage hanging, both amplitude and phase, especially voltage swell. To compensate the voltage sag on the load bus, the UPFC has been proposed by using pq-theory. The system parameters and controller gains are designed under the real power system conditions in Thailand. The simulation results show that the shunt and series part of UPFC can control the amplitude and phase of injection voltage and current on the load bus. These results demonstrate both the benefit and the performance of the proposed methodology which will enhance the performance of UPFC for voltage compensation.
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