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Title: Field testing of stiffened deep cement mixing piles under lateral cyclic loading
Authors: Werasak Raongjant
Meng Jing
Keywords: stiffened deep cement mixing pile
lateral capacity
cyclic lateral loading
energy dissipation capacity
field testing
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi. Faculty of engineering
Abstract: Construction of seaside and underground wall bracing often uses stiffened deep cement mixed columns (SDCM). This research investigates methods used to improve the level of bearing capacity of these SDCM when subjected to cyclic lateral loading via various types of stiffer cores. Eight piles. t\\'o deep cement mixed piles and six stiffened deep cement mixing piles with three different types of cores. H shape cross section prestressed concrete. steel pipe. and H-beam steel. Were embedded though soft clay into medium-hard clay on site in Thailand. Cyclic horizontal loading was gradually applied until pile failure and the hysteresis loops of lateral load \IS. lateral deformation were recorded. The lateral carrying capacities of the SDCM piles with an H-beam steel core increased by 3-4 times that of the DCM piles. This field research clearly shows that using H-beam steel as a stiffer core for SDCM piles is the best method to improve its lateral carrying capacity. Ductility and energy dissipation capacity.
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